The Bards of Bohemia

Sure, anyone can get up in front of your guests and talk... But no one will do it with the eloquence and feeling that a spoken word artist can. Hire one of these artists to provide a solo performance of poems or lyrics or lead your guests in a poetry slam.


One of the city's older krewes is also one of the younger parading organizations via the best way possible - a party! A pre-ball party was held in Armstrong Park in 1981 which led to a mini-parade through the French Quarter in 1984. The French Quarter parade helped establish the Bards as a favorite and new members and support enabled them to join the regular parade season in 1990.

However, a series of financial missteps and a critical depletion of krewe membership in the last three years threw the krewe's parading status into flux. The krewe was rescued in 2002 from losing its parade slot by former board member Tom Blache, the krewe's entertainment director and parade organizer

The Krewe
200+ male and female riders, 15 floats, 8 marching bands and Contemporary-style parade. This krewe's origins has roots in the krewes of Babylon and Hermes.
This krewe was stopped from marching in the 149th Carnival celebrations by Hurricane Katrina. The krewe shares that bond with Adonis, Aphrodite, Arabi, Atlas, Choctaw, Cleopatra, Gladiators, Grela, Hermes, L'il Rascals, Mercury, NOMTOC, Oshun, Pegasus, Pontchartrain, Saturn, du Vieux, and Crescent City.