The Bards of Bohemia

Sure, anyone can get up in front of your guests and talk... But no one will do it with the eloquence and feeling that a spoken word artist can. Hire our artists to provide a performance of poems or lyrics or lead your guests in a poetry slam.

What we do

Over the past several decades, the group has emerged as one of the country's most highly respected arts and performing organizations and has become an acclaimed forum for innovative poetry, music, visual arts, comedy and theatre.

Our mission is to encourage cooperation among and advancement of artists and cultural workers; to develop and produce works by emerging poets and performers; and to promote the exploration, improvement, and advancement of the arts as a changemaking force in society.
Poetry Night
The group has always provided a stage for artists traditionally under-represented in the mainstream media and culture. Our programming includes poetry slams and open mics
Poet for Hire
A poem is a personal gift you can't buy at a store. What our group does is turn facts into feelings. Our perceptive, like a big antenna. And to do that on the fly within an hour is special."
We also perform in thetres nationwide. Book us!
Event Performer
We write and perform commissioned poetry on-the-spot at events based on your word, topic, or story
One-on-One Mentor
Our educational programs (which are funded in part by the city and state of New York and the NEA) provide literacy and public speaking to thousands of students and many school groups each year.